So one potential job offer has rescheduled my phone interview, but they have yet to email me back with what day that they’ll call me. I’m getting antsy over here. I need something to do throughout the day that isn’t just going to the gym and browsing the internet. I need a source of income. I don’t want to seem pushy with this employer, but it just seems like their HR department is slacking.

What to do, what to do…

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I was tagged by Danielle :]

Name:  Matthew

Age: 25

Gender: Male



Food: I’m weak for sweet potato fries

Drink: Coffee!

Book: Harry Potter

Author: I haven’t read very much lately to get a favorite. Help me by suggesting books!

Song: Brand New Day by Kodaline, also Battles by Hudson Taylor and Destination by Nickel Creek

Movie: Skyfall is currently my favorite. I’m a sucker for James Bond and also Adele’s opening song

TV Show: I loved Firefly when it was on the air. I’m hooked on Arrow and Game of Thrones right now

Band: Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park will probably forever be my favorite two bands

Solo Artist: Ellie Goulding right now. Love her voice

Place: Chicago!

Subject: History

Sport: Soccer

Male actor: Gary Oldman, Idris Elba

Female Actor: Emma Stone


Best friend: I’m very close to my mother and I’m lucky to have a few very close friends. I don’t have just one.

Siblings: I have one older brother and one younger brother

Dream job: Pilot

Political Ideology: I don’t think either party is the end all be all, but I do tend to sway left in the political spectrum.

Religion: I was brought up Lutheran, but I don’t identify with a religion. 

Tattoos: I just have “Endure” on my left wrist, but I plan on getting more sometime in the future

Piercings: None

Languages: Just English. I’m trying to teach myself German, but I can only count to 10 and order a cup of coffee.


Reason for URL: Red is a nickname I’ve had since grade school, Matt (obviously name), and running because when I started this blog it was strictly for running when I was in college

Reason behind icon: I went to a USWNT game in Dallas and I had such a good time there with my friend

Tracked tags: manchester united, runningredmatt, cycling

Why you joined: My friend had one in college and I joined with him

First URL: I can’t remember what my first one was if it was different

Number of blogs: Just one

Tagged by Gabe (sorry I’m just now getting to these)


Name: Matthew
Birthday: September 12th

Favorite color: Red
Lucky number: 8
Height: 6’
Talents: I can do the splits and make some awesome french toast

Last dream you remember: The only dreams I remember are the ones where I go to the bathroom in them and wake up really needing to. Yep.
Can you juggle: Kinda
Art/sports/both: Both! I love painting, but I also love watching/playing sports

Do you like writing: I’m terrible with words

Do you like dancing: I have two left feet pretty much
Do you like singing: Only obnoxiously


Dream vacation: Backpacking through Europe 

Dream guy/gal: Someone who gets me… mostly my humor. A best friend. Adventurous. Willing to hike a mountain with me, but also down to watch Netflix while eating ice cream.
Dream wedding: I liked my cousin’s wedding which was very small, fun, and felt kinda like a family outing. We all had a blast.
Dream pet: All the dogs.
Dream job: Probably something in aviation. I’ve always loved flying.
Favorite song: Currently it’s Brand New Day by Kodaline
Last song you heard on the radio: I think it was I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls
Least favorite song: Right now it’s probably Stay With Me by Sam Smith. It’s way overplayed imo

Least favorite album: ANYTHING NICKLEBACK (Gabe has this one right)

Least favorite artist: NICKLEBACK (again Gabe)


Guys/girls/both: Girls
Hair colour: I’ve actually never dated anyone who wasn’t a brunette
Eye colour: I find all of them equally beautiful

Humorous/serious: Gotta be a goober, but can also balance it out with seriousness
Taller/shorter: I’ve always dated shorter. That being said, there’s something about someone taller than you… ya know?
Biggest turn-off: Smoking and ignorance 

Biggest turn-on: I’m going to be mysterious and leave this one private :]

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Moved to NYC recently and have been meaning to take this picture for a long time. One of my favorite views of NYC.


Moved to NYC recently and have been meaning to take this picture for a long time. One of my favorite views of NYC.

Thank goodness for having a AAA Premium membership! My car pretty much took a shit on me yesterday when my girlfriend and I were out. A couple phone calls and a tow truck drive later we were back home. Later yesterday night I sat at my car watching YouTube videos and kept searching Google for answers and went to an Auto Zone to pick up some parts. After maybe two hours of turning a wrench and watching videos I replaced the water pump on my car and hope like hell that that was the end of that ordeal. So far everything is running smoothly…

So if any of you need a car mechanic just know that I’m your guy hehe

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Fireside wine in Swiss mountains.


Fireside wine in Swiss mountains.

After god knows how long I might actually shave my beard off tonight.

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